Ages 5-8 years old – SIGN UP HERE!

Ages 9-12 years old – SGIN UP HERE!

The focus for kids in our kickboxing program (ages 5-12 years old) is on fundamental motor skills, agility, balance, coordination, strength, as well as confidence, and self-esteem. This will help in school, at home, instill discipline, and carry over to other sports.

While our program offers a competitive environment, the athlete’s safety, development, and experience is our first priority. Not to mention, creating a fun environment. Athletes can begin their training at five years of age, however we do not allow competition until the age of 11. In order to ensure safety and confidence, athletes are only allowed to compete once they satisfy our offence and defence criteria. Our head coach John Stanley has been involved in the sport for 31 years and considers the athletes development his personal responsibility.

Our program is split into two age categories; 5-8 years old who trains on Tuesday at 5:40 pm and Saturday at 9:10 am for 35 minutes, and 9-12 years old who trains Tuesday at 6:25 pm and Sunday at 10:00 am and train for 45 minutes.

Ages 5-8 years old – SIGN UP HERE!

Ages 9-12 years old – SGIN UP HERE!

The 3 Cs of a Champion

Improve your child’s confidence, focus, and discipline.

Build a strong work-ethic with a proper introduction to fitness.

Develop an open-mind and winning attitude.   

Our program is run by experienced and passionate coaches.  We offer a team-oriented, fun, and safe atmosphere. Boxing and kickboxing has many transferrable life skills and our goal is to instil these values for your child’s athletic and personal development.

Will my child be safe?
Yes, all classes will be supervised by experienced and certified coaches. Your child will not be engaging in any unnecessary contact.

What will my child learn?
Your child will learn the fundamentals of boxing which include striking and defensive techniques, proper footwork, and strategy. In our conditioning classes, your child will be progressively introduced to safe and appropriate levels of weight lifting and higher intensity exercises.

Will this encourage violence?
No, it is actually more common for trained athletes to be more disciplined and well-tempered. Boxing and physical activity can be a great outlet for extra energy while providing more purpose in people’s lives.

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